2014 Board of Directors 
Working on The Board is rewarding, at the same time, we recognize that it is a serious commitment
which we strongly value. To make the best use of everyone's time, much business is conducted virtually. When we do meet in person, we are committed to running effective and efficient meetings where open discussions occur before decisions are made. Our meetings are always open to
interested volunteers so they can get to know us better as part of their decision-making process in volunteering for us. It's important to us that Board Members be "set up for success," so we conduct a series of transition and orientation activities which get volunteers up-to-speed smoothly and with plenty of support from our board. Interested candidates contact president@massastd.org.

Board Members:
  • Work closely with area Learning Professionals
  • Receive free chapter meeting admittance
  • Receive a free National ASTD membership
  • Receive a Scholarship/Discount to attend National ASTD International Conference and Expo
  • Receive a Scholarship/Discount to attend the National ASTD Leadership Conference
  • Have an online profile on our www.massastd.org website
  • Have business cards embossed with the chapter logo
  • Get discounted attendance at a variety of ASTD professional development opportunities, classes and certifications
  • Contribute talents to the chapter
  • Grow skills by volunteering at something new without fear of losing one's job or pride
The following board members have made considerable strides to ensure the success, quality and sustaining growth of the Greater Boston Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development.  Click on the bios below to learn more about the individuals making Greater Boston ASTD a success.

    Past President
    Nancy Giard
    Training Professional 
    Click here for bio
    Karen Potischman
    Human Resources Professional
    President Elect
    Open Position
    VP of Marketing
    Jim Rose
    Training Professional
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Bill Schoenberg
    Training Professional
    VP of Communications
    Patrice Hollinger
    Training Professional

    VP of Technology
    Kathy Galvin
    Training Professional
    Click here for bio
    Director Social Media
    Tom Martin
    Training Professional
    Click here for bio
    VP Programs
    Dan Collier
Click here for bio
    VP of Volunteers
    Christine SanJuan
    Training Professional
    Click for bio
    Administrative Coordinator
    Marie Cullen Oliver
    Administrative Coordinator
    Click here for bio
    VP of Membership
    Brenda Wornum Moore
    Training Professional
    Click here for bio
Board Member Descriptions
The following are the descriptions for each of the board members.  If you are interested in joining the board, or volunteering under any capacity for 2013-2014, please contact Karen Potischman or Dan Collier.

(Click on job title to view description) 
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