ASTD has two levels of membership. You can join your local chapter or you can join ASTD national. You may also join both. Local chapter membership provides you with access to programs in your area which will keep you abreast of current trends in your profession. Here is why you should join the Greater Boston chapter of ASTD:

  • Save $15 on each monthly event
  • Keep up to date with learning trends
  • Network with colleagues in the area to build and retain your network
  • Have fun and meet new friends
1. Standard Membership
  • Individual Membership
  • The price of a standard membership is $80 annually.
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2. Group Membership
  • Designed for groups of 3 or more signing up for the same organization.
  • The price of group membership is $65 per person annually.
  • To sign up click here.
3. Student Membership
  • Design for students who are currently full or part-time students.
  • The price of student membership is $55 per person annually.
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Get Both National and Local Membership Through the "Power of 2"

National and Local ASTD Chapter members qualify for the special "Power of 2" national membership discount rate of $279/year for the Professional level or $399 for the Professional Plus level. "Power of 2" offers members twice the support, twice the resources and twice the networking of just one membership . Click here to compare the two membership types.                                                                                                          


ASTD National membership provides the tools you need for success. ASTD Chapter membership applies those tools to your organization and community. Together you have the "Power of 2!" 

Click here if you would like to get both memberships for the National discounted price of $199 and the Local Membership for the discounted price of $80 - a total of $279 or the Professional Plus rate of $399 for National and Local membership.

ASTD National Membership

  • Access to exclusive research online
  • Network with over 40,000 members
  • News from T+D magazine, e-newsletters, and webcasts
  • Member discounts in the ASTD store and more! 

ASTD Chapter Membership

  • Programming targeted to your community
  • Network with local professionals
  • Discover career opportunities
  • Job Opportunities
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